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Can we have a trial class?

Unfortunately, No, because the child is too young to understand in one trial. It may work or it may not! At this age, they need a few sessions to start enjoying. If we have a workshop coming up, we can let you know and you may register for the same. You may come to meet and talk to clarify any questions you may have.


What is the mode of payment?

For the yearly classes, you need to pay for the full year at once. You can pay by cash/ cheque/ fund transfer.


What all do you cover in the class?

Each class is for 1 hour, based on Indian Mythology & Values; we do Shloka chanting, Yoga, Stories on God’s/ Values, play Indian Games and occasional art craft activities.


Where is the class held?

It’s in Juhu, near Juhu PVR.


If my child doesn’t settle, then what is the option?

We are confident that every child will start enjoying if he/ she is regular in the class, you need to be committed that you want to send your child even if he/she is crying initially. In the unlikely event that after a few turns the child is not settled, we can work out something mutually.


Can my nanny / maid accompany the child?

We do not encourage maids, as the child doesn’t ever settle then. In case the child is crying a lot, we can take a situation-based decision.


What’s the frequency of the class?

Once a week, 1 hour. There will be around 30-33 sessions in the entire year.


How will we know what is done in the class?

We have class specific What’s app groups in which we shall regularly post updates of what is being covered every month. We also post photos/ videos on our Social Media pages.


Can I enroll midyear?

If we have a vacancy, we will take your child and you can pay pro-rata basis.


Can I pay half yearly or quarterly fees?

If you are enrolling from June, you need to pay fees for the entire year, as you are blocking one seat. However, if there is a seat available mid-year and you join, you pay the fees for the remaining term.


What should I send along with my child?

Water bottle and a box of crayons. We will give a file in the first class which is to also to be carried to the class.

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