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Leading to Light classes brings a unique blend of Indian mythology, yoga, art & craft, songs, and more to you. Classes are specially designed for kids from the young tender age of 1.5 to the very active teenagers! Each weekly class is for 60 minutes.

Leading to Light teachings have proven to build inner strength and emotional quotient in children. They imbibe the necessary balance to today’s fast-paced learning in schools, fierce competition among fellow students, and a lifestyle that has scarce social interactions.

Leading to Light brings back many traditional games to today's screen-captured children. In every weekly class, the children play our long-forgotten games with great enthusiasm and joy. 

Leading to Light strives to provide a strong foundation for kids with exposure to the rich heritage of Indian / human values at a young age. Yoga, which is required for body and mind forms an important part of the syllabus. Yoga helps not only in studies, mental and physical growth but also in building a healthy body without diseases. The energy of the children will be channelized in the right direction with the structure and format of the class modules. Kids see the class as entertainment. They don’t come as compulsion due to the style of teaching, and hence go home happily having learned many things. 

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